London Cocker Spaniel Society

Championship Show Results 2006

December 2 2006

Judges: Mr G Flyckt-Pedersen (Dogs), Miss S Ellison (Bitches)

Championship Show BIS 2006
photo © Tracy Morgan Animal Photography

DCC & BIS: Bentley's Sh Ch Canigou Classic Cliche JW (centre)
RDCC: Gillespie's Sh Ch Lochranza For Your Eyes Only
BPD & BPIS: Murray's Worlewood Aint No Sunshine

BCC & RBIS: Bentley's Sh Ch Canigou Classic Rock JW (right)
RBCC: Kettles' Lujesa Dolce Piselli JW
BPB: Hackett's Lindridge Chantilly Lace

Any Other Colour
1 Worlewood Aint No Sunshine  BPIS
2 Cassom Jack Frost
3 Dralla Fast Forward
4 Shanaz Stramash
5 Shenmore Sunny Jim

1 Lindridge Star Quest
2 Lapidary Rebel Rebel
3 Classicway Cosalta Cutting Edge
4 Olibond Peter Pan
5 Squiretime Houndtor

1 Sweetways Silver Knight
2 Soroden Eye Catcher

Special Open
1 Ryallcourt Causing Chaos JW
2 Zakova Blueprint for Ruphill ShCM
3 Wilmerella Kings Legacy JW
4 Marquell Moving Glance at Pearkim
5 Acquelin Apollo

Any Solid Colour inc Solid/Tan
1 Jannors Last Samurai
2 Carjinbar Tantaniek of Claramand
3 Mayay Odds on Each Way
4 Zakova Spirit in the Sky
5 Danymeade Mr Nice Guy

1 Lujesa Happy Soul at Pontisbright
2 Zareepiott Emperor
3 Mayay Odds on Each Way

1 Molkara Allegiance to Silverdust
2 Helenwood Innovation
3 Sunzo Soft Shoe Shuffle
4 Perrytree Summer Solstice
5 Claramand On Fire At Fendrove JW

Special Open
1 Claramand Never Look Back
2 Cardamine Black King

Any Colour
1 Sh Ch Classicway Conjuror JW
2 Cardamine Hot Potato
3 Tudormist Starduster
4 Wensum Light Fantastic
5 Stanemara Cynghanedd

Minor Puppy
1 Kelbonny Go Dutch
2 Chavez Royal Connection
3 Glowhill Richie Rich
4 Ballantrae Special Reserve
5 Kenan Kopyright

1 Forestpine Class Act at Canyonn
2 Helenwood Whatsisname
3 Mayay Against All Odds
4 Squiretime Beetor To Tillarn
5 Rayol Nordic Prince With Luthame

1 Molkara Allegiance to Silverdust
2 Asquannes Marquell Acclaim JW
3 Merryhaze Blue Moon over Helenwood
4 Fonesse Flynn
5 Mayay Odds on Each Way

1 Lapidary Rebel Rebel
2 Classicway Cosalta Cutting Edge
3 Mayay Against All Odds
4 Dralla Fast Forward
5 Jayzandar Journey South

1 Sharemead Single Malt
2 Lapidary Rebel Rebel

1 Sh Ch Canigou Classic Cliche JW CC & BIS
2 Manchela Party Trick JW ShCM
3 M Allegiance to S
4 Sharemead Lancelot
5 Dralla The Orange Maverick At Pearkim

1 Sharemead Single Malt
2 Melgrove Teddy Toatee
3 Claramand Morse Code at Arrifana JW
4 Jacmist Parker
5 Cardamine The Sable Flame

Post Graduate
1 Wensum Blues and Twos
2 Alisma Alzaghe
3 Lujesa Ecstacy JW
4 Rozanko Brown Sugar
5 Broachdale Ionian Boy

Special Beginners
1 M Allegiance To S
2 Lapidary Revolution JW
3 S Soft Shoe Shuffle
4 Pontisbright Hi Ho Silver
5 Wizzmill Marble Blue Among Ruphill

1 Chavez Country Bumpkin ShCM
2 Terriles Tonuelo JW
3 Molkara Maserati JW
4 L Happy Soul At P
5 Zakova Special Reserve JW ShCM

Open Dog
1 Sh Ch Lochranza For Your Eyes Only  RCC
2 Lindridge Moon Catcher
3 Sh Ch Asquannes Granite to Ellgars JW
4 Christiol Ace of Spades At Oramiss
5 Cardamine Smoke Signal

Any Solid Colour inc Solid/Tan
1 Fendrove Joy Rider
2 Jannors Supernatural
3 Zakova Spirit Dancer of Penbuff
4 Molkara Ballincoola
5 Claramand Lolita

1 Totenkopf Faery Daes
2 Marada D'Elegance Avec Sunnerset

1 Kenan Kapers
2 Judika Windchime
3 Totenkopf Truly Scrumptious
4 Robraine Amidala
5 Melgrove Kiss of Gold

Special Open
1 Sh Ch Dillonpark Darianne JW
2 Helenwood Sparklyn
Cardamine Magic Moments with Rayol

Any Other Colour
1 Lindridge Chantilly Lace   BPB
2 Candyke Guitar Heaven
3 Ellgars Bitconfused at Robraine
4 Soroden So Special
5 Tudormist Seashore At Chalkhill

1 Fonesse Forever Young at Canyonn
2 Olibond Tiger Lily
3 Classicway Cosalta Country Cousin
4 Moonwood Naughty But Nice At Durandabell
5 Suelynda Something Justso at Merrysprings

1 Lapidary Aint She Sweet at Meakwood
2 Olibond Tiger Lily
3 Moonshine Nightime Solace at Charmwen JW
4 Perrytree She's Delightful
5 Ryallcourt Tipsy Gypsy

Special Open
1 Lindridge Ginger Rogers
2 Broachdale Athena Blue JW
3 Ir Sh Ch Shanaz Peever
4 Cassom Athene JW
5 Littlewick Baby Doll At Bartomy

Any Colour
1 Sh Ch Wilmerella Wayward JW
2 Sunnerset Sunkiss
3 Sh Ch Shiegra Swinging Sixties JW

Minor Puppy
1 Terriles Tatiana (NAF)
2 Wilmerella Wave dancer
3 Meakwood Charisma
4 Kendalwood Colour Me Happy
5 Lujesa Touch The Sky

1 Dillonpark Ambrogina
2 Shenmore Suddenly Sunshine
3 Soroden So Special
4 Squiretime Belltor
5 Sharemead Silk Stockings

1 Lujesa Dolce Piselli   RBCC
2 Castanea Sweet Surrender
3 Castanea Count On Me
4 Olibond Carolina Moon
5 Helenwood Wiggle Dance

1 Fonesse Forever Young at Canyonn
2 Classicway Cosalta Country Cousin
3 Lindridge Ginger Snap
4 Marquell Anais Anais
5 Zareepiott Halloween

1 Robraine Serena of Annashonn
2 Kyna Rox Ya Rythm to Royaldean
3 Springstien Stars Delight at Beckaby
4 Harbethol Look Of N Angel
5 Sea Symphony of Ware

1 Sh Ch Canigou Classic Rock JW  BCC & RBIS
2 O Carolina Moon
3 Merryhaze Martini
4 Wensum Chloe
5 Chativore Memphis Belle

1 Meakwood Mystic Memory
2 Olibond Tiger Lily
3 Merryhaze Martini
4 Claramand Kiss Kiss
5 Jardinisle Moonshine At Merrydance

Post Graduate
1 Molkara Elise JW
2 Jardinisle Ettiquatte
3 Glowhill Catherine Wheel
4 Alisma Antonia JW
5 Classicway Calendar Girl

Special Beginners
1 Castanea Count On Me
2 Charbonnel Promises of Keladity
3 Cutel Chasing Sunbeams Over Astrabrook
4 Claramand Thriller Queen For Delindere
5 Lapidary Twist And Shout

1 Molkara Mercedes at Zakova JW
2 Weyhill Catalina
3 Joaldy Blue Sensation
4 Jacanwood Jakaranda
5 Salabah Sorceress

1 Sh Ch Asquannes Gizane JW
2 Glowhill Miss Match
3 Cardamine Bring Me Love
4 C Chasing Sunbeams Over A
5 Sheigra Sixties Song