London Cocker Spaniel Society



BIS Champ Show 2019
photo © TMorgan Animal Photography
L-R: Manchela Lady Million JW, Brackenjack Ollison at Kyna, Shansart Giselle

Mrs L Palmer (Robraine) – Dogs
Mr G Steele (Zienne) – Bitches
Mrs J Glennerster ( Glenntree) - Brace Class

BIS & Dog CC: Grice's Brackenjack Ollison at Kyna
RBIS & Bitch CC: Masters & Dott's Manchela Lady Million JW
RDCC: Morris' Riondel Candyman
RBCC: Bavin's Rojoys Chase the Dream JW ShCM
BPIS & BPB: Anslow's Shansart Giselle
BPD: Smith's Rayol the Editor
BVIS & BVD: Costello's Judika Arizona
BBV: Ward's Wensum Some Like it Hot


Main dog winners December 2019
L-R: Judika Arizona, Brackenjack Ollison at Kyna, Riondel Candyman, Rayol the Editor

Judge's Critique (pdf)

Any Other Colour
Class 1 Special Puppy

1 Annilann Mister Spangles at Beckaby
2 Corazon De Sibi Snow Time (IMP

Class 2 Special Novice
1 Annilann Mr Spangles at Beckaby

Class 3 Special Post Graduate
1 Shaggylands to Hot to Handle
2 Merrysprings Magic Star

Class 4 Special Open
1 Sh Ch Cachel Prince Charming at Pearkim JW
2 Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom JW

Any Solid Colour including Solid /Tan
Class 5 Special Puppy

1 Rayol the Editor
2 Sharemead Sandiego
3 Lujesa Living the Dream

Class 6 Special Novice
1 Tyluly Ice Kool

Class 7 Special Graduate
1 Amaclassic Black Onyx

Class 8 Special Open
1 Lujesa Starman at Wylyeview
2 Sh Ch Withiflor Rolling Stone JW

Any Colour
Class 9 Veteran

1 Judika Arizona
2 Sh Ch/int Bel/Hun Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW Sh CM CW12 EW '16 Belbw'16
3 Mystical Milow at Chanmalo ShCM
4 Sheigra Starstruck JW
5 Craigdean Callimakokr at Luanshya Sh CM JW

Class 10 Minor Puppy Dog
1 Sensqui Blackout
2 Priam of Merrily TAF
3 Uxendel Sea Venture
4 Annaside Moon River
5 Sharemead Santiego

Class 11 Puppy Dog
1 Annilann Mister Allsorts
2 Corazon de Sibi Snow Time (IMP)

Class 12 Junior Dog
1 Brackenjack Ollison at Kyna
2 Line Sam Appealing Partner (IMP SWE)
3 Craigdean Killiecrankie at Candyke
4 Lindridge Formula One
5 Abbzig My Eyes Adore You

Class 13 Yearling Dog
1 Craigdean Willie Nelson
2 Alen Ashen Art Design (ATC AV02254RUS)
3 Sharemead the Conqueror
4 Joaldy Best Mate
5 Granrose Shimmering Blue

Class 14 Maiden
No entries

Class 15 Tyro Dog
1 Abbzig My Eyes Adore You

Class16 Undergraduate Dog
1 Amaclassic Black Onyx
2 Sharemead the Conqueror
3 Shaggylands to Hot to Handle
4 Merrysprings Magic Star

Class 17 Post Graduate Dog
1 Chataway Hijacked
2 Pearkim Pokemon at Luanshya JW
3 Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo SH CM
4 Granrose Shimmering Blue

Class 18 Special Beginners Dog
1 Annilann Mister Spangles at Beckaby

Class 19 Limit Dog
1 Riondel Candyman JW
2 Kastrian Affection JW
3 Glowhill Silversmith for Pearkim
4 Corazon De Sibi Night Star (IMP ESP) JW
5 Mancheala Hugo Boss JW ShCM SHCEx

Class 20 Open Dog
1 Sh Ch Lujesa Impossible Dream
2 PL CH Veni Vidi Vici Esqueen JCHPL (ATC AU 02546POL)
Lux Ch More than Amazing Quality Time


Winning bitches December 2019
L-R: Manchela Lady Million JW, Rojoys Chase the Dream JW ShCM,
Wensum Some Like it Hot, Shansart Giselle

Judge's Critique (pdf)

ANY Solid Colour Including Solid and Tan
Class 21 Special Puppy

1 Claramand Rose Gold
2 Lujesa Day Dream Believer
3 Lujesa Dolly Daydream at Wylyeview
4 Galibar Over to you at Newcheshire
5 Triveka Ginnny Weasley

Class 22 Special Novice
1 Deracor Dream Time
2 Triveka Ginny Weasley
3 Plaiglen Hide N',Seek
4 Tyluly Fairy Dust

Class 23 Special Graduate
1 Deracor Dream Time
2 Zakova Fire Dancer
3 Chazbaz Glam Girl

Class 24 Special Open
1 Hello Dolly z Vejminku (ATC AV01574CZE)
2 Wigglings Pleased to Meet You (ATC AW1371BEL)
3Chazbaz Black Lace

Any Other Colour
Class 25 Special Puppy

1 Annilann Mis Magicstar at Beckaby
2 Freestone Chances Are
3 Troubles in Paradise Shirley Templebar

Class 26 Special Novice
1 Shansart Mary Poppins
2 Troverothway Water Colour
3 Annilann Miss Magicstar at Beckaby
4 Clavaire Poetry in Motion

Class 27 Special Graduate
1 Princehill Shining Star
2 Challowdaon Loopy Lou with Genevieve
3 Shaggylands That's Life
4 Chalkhill Solitaire
5 Clavaire Poetry in Motion

Class 28 Special Open Bitch
1 Rojoys Chase the Dream JW ShCM
2 Troubles in Paradise Poulnabrone
3 Cassom Margot Fonteyn
4 Wigglings Quite a Nice Surprise
5 Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill

Any Colour
Class 29 Veteran

1 Wensum Some Like it Hot JW
2 Sh Ch Molkara Anastasia with Jozelah JW
3 Annaside Moonbeam
4 Bitcon Free For All

Class 30 Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Shansart Giselle
2 Annaside Sugar Moon
3 Triveka Ginny Weasley
4Olibond Santa Barbara
5 Charmwen Diamond Lady at Granrose

Class 31 Puppy Bitch
1 Claramand Rose Gold
2 Lujesa Daydream Believer
3 Annilann Miss Sweetheart at Weyhill
4 Pearkim Prunella Dargess
5 Vaiana Cocking

Class 32 Junior Bitch
1 Shansart Mary Poppins
2 Alisma Amiable
3Claramand Angel Delight
4 Ryallcourt Minnehaha
5 Kenwad Now Voyager B J CH

Class 33 Yearling Bitch
1 Nulea Enchanted
2 Kenwad Now Voyager B J CH
3 Princehill Shing Star
4 Eddeswarren Temptress

Class 34 Maiden Bitch
1 Cachel Maiden's Request
2 Trveka Moaning Murtle
3 Annilann Miss Mellow

Class 35 Tyro Bitch
1 Nulea Enchanted

Class36 Undergraduate Bitch
1 Shaggylands That's Life
2 Dykere Meant To Be
3 Clavaire Poetry in Motion
4 Chazbaz Glam Girl

Class 37 Post Graduate Bitch
1 Manchela Lady Million JW
2 Riondel Caribbean Blue
3Pearkim Persephone at Wensum
4 Sheigra Simly a Star JW
5 Gilcar Rumour Has It

Class 38 Special Beginners Bitch
1 Casadeperros Octubre at DUclarus
2 Annilann Miss Magic Star at Beckaby
3 Triveka Ginny Weasley
4 Clavaire Poetry in Motion
5 Annnasisde Over the Moon

Class 39 Limit Bitch
1 Rojoys Chase the Dream JW ShCM
2 Kerriglow Honesty JW
3Quettadene Touch the Stars JW
4 Sheigra Stars in her Eyes JW
5 Ryallcourt Pearl Button

Class 40 Open Bitch
1 Sh Ch Lujesa Jean Genie JW
2 Sheigra Super Special JW
3 Starbourne Calibrachoa
4 Granrose Golden Ruby Sands

Class A Special Brace
1 Driver
2 Quigley