London Cocker Spaniel Society


The dogs & bitches featured below were the CC winners at London Cocker Spaniel Society's Championship Shows from 1979 to 1983

NB: All photos are copyrighted to Ian Scott and may not be reproduced in any way without permission

1973-1978  | 1979-1983

Cochise Chiricahua
1979: Cochise Chiricahua (DCC)
Sh Ch Bitcon Florin At Mistfall
1979: Sh Ch Bitcon Florin At Mistfall (BCC)

Pandorek Crispin
1980: Pandorek Crispin (DCC)

Cilleine Echelon
1981: Cilleine Echelon (DCC)
Mistfall Mood Indigo
1981: Mistfall Mood Indigo (BCC)

Colinwood Vital Spark
1982: Colinwood Vital Spark (DCC)
Meldyke Minstrel Song
1982: Meldyke Minstrel Song (BCC)

Sh Ch Cilleine Echelon
1983: Sh Ch Cilleine Echelon (DCC)
Mistfall Mandalay
Mistfall Mandalay (BCC & BOB)

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